Offshore Elevator Service

Offshore Elevator Service
In offshore installations durability and safety are of main importance.
 The rough industrial environments in which the elevator is located demands for special requirements. These requirements concern as well the environmental influences as the way the elevator itself is used. Our knowledge about applying offshore elevator service components and experience with the different regulations from government organizations is superior for this industry. The safety of the personnel on the installation is the one of the main aspects in engineering and building elevators for offshore applications.
RICO Elevator sells, services and installs passenger and freight offshore elevators in the south Texas region. The company's staff of trained service technicians performs general repairs and maintenance and installs all types of elevators, from high-rise double-wrapped gearless traction elevators to hydraulic freight elevators. Maintenance contracts and emergency repair services are available. All work done by RICO Elevator Service is fully insured and bonded RICO represents not just one elevator manufacturer, but all the major quality suppliers in the elevator industry today. As independent offshore elevator service contractors, we provide outstanding design development services by accurately identifying the best equipment, the best warranty and the best price for your application.  RICO service technicians have worked on many rigs including: Shell Auger, Shell Mars, Shell Ram Powell, Shell Brutus, Global Santa Fe, Conoco TLWP 184, Amoco Marlin, Glomar Celtic Sea, Amirante, Americanas, Cajun Express, Horizon, Nautilus, DF96, DF97, Discoverer 534, Bill Shoemaker, and Pride Viking.
Equipment and Services
Equipment Serviced:
Elevators, Escalators, Dumbwaiters, Material Lifts, Wheelchair Lifts, Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors
Equipment Types:
Traction, Hydraulic, Hydraulic Hybrid, Rack & Pinion, Screw Column, Winding Drum, Shipboard, Rooftop, Inclined, etc. All makes and models, e.g. Otis, Thyssen (Dover), Millar (Westinghouse), Kone (Montgomery), Emscor (Champion), Esco, Intervect (Alimak), MCE, Swift, KM White, Waupaca, etc.
Industries Served:
Commercial facilities, Power, Grain, Cement, Port Authorities, Mines, Manufacturing, Research, Bridges/Dams, Refineries, Petrochemical, Paper Mills, Waste Water/Sewage Treatment, Offshore, Residential properties, etc.
Elevator Manufacturers Represented:
Global Tardif, Federal Elevator, Canton Elevator, Adams Elevator, Hollister Whitney, Giant Lift, GAL Manufacturing, MCE Controls, Virginia Controls, Snap Cab, World Electronics, Texacone, Peele Freight Elevator Doors, Unitec Parts, Wurtec Elevator Products and Services, Kings III Emergency Communications, Elevator Controls, ABB, Courion Doors, Columbia Doors, Allen-Bradley, Vertical Express Elevators, Sprecher Schuh and others
Offshore Elevator Service Area:
South Texas, Houston, Galveston, Beaumont, Port Arthur, Corpus Christi, Texas City, Dickinson, Baytown, LaPorte, and all Gulf of Mexico Region platforms.
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