RICO Elevator Inc Profile

Business Structure: Corporation, Texas President: Mark Fehrle
Founded: April 15, 2003 Treasurer: Lana Fehrle
Business/Shipping Address: 3817 Highway 3
Dickinson, TX. 77539
Mailing/Billing Address: 3817 Highway 3
Dickinson, TX. 77539
Office Phone: 281.534.1500 Office Phone: 281.534.1514
E-Mail: ricoelevators@aol.com Web site: ricoelevators.com
Dunn & Bradstreet: #148394245    

Mark Fehrle

Lana Fehrle

Nick Austin
Insurance Coverage
RBN & Associates
  • General Liability - 1M
  • Umbrella - 5M
  • Workers Compensation - 1M
  • Auto Liability - 1M
Note: All Certificates naming the customer as additional insured and certificate holder to be faxed to the customer by insurance agent.
Equipment and Services
Equipment Serviced:
Elevators, Escalators, Dumbwaiters, Material Lifts, Wheelchair Lifts, Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors
Equipment Types:
Traction, Hydraulic, Hydraulic Hybrid, Rack & Pinion, Screw Column, Winding Drum, Shipboard, Rooftop, Inclined, etc. All makes and models, e.g. Otis, Thyssen (Dover), Millar (Westinghouse), Kone (Montgomery), Emscor (Champion), Esco, Intervect (Alimak), MCE, Swift, KM White, Waupaca, etc.
Industries Served:
Commercial facilities, Power, Grain, Cement, Port Authorities, Mines, Manufacturing, Research, Bridges/Dams, Refineries, Petrochemical, Paper Mills, Waste Water/Sewage Treatment, Offshore, Residential properties, etc.
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